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In diesem Artikel handelt es sich nicht um einen Test sondern um einen Vergleich verschiedener Produkte zu Ihrem gesuchten Begriff aerosoft airbus. Da ein eigener Test durch uns zu einseitig wäre, beziehen wir unsere Test-Analysen aus den Kundenbewertungen, z.B. von Amazon. Diese verschiedenen Kundebewertungen von aerosoft airbus sind sehr viel Aufschlussreicher als ein Test einer einzelnen Person. Somit werden die wichtigsten Parameter von aerosoft airbus aus verschiedenen Testergebnissen bzw. Kundenbewertungen analysiert und entsprechend in unserer Bestsellerliste platziert. Auf finden Sie noch viel mehr Auswahl an Produkten. Nutzen Sie einfach auf der rechten Seite das Suchformular.

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1. AddOn FSX Airbus A330 Professional

AddOn FSX Airbus A330 Professional
  • Aerosoft PC Airbus A330 PC USK: 0
  • Inhalt: 1 Stück

4. Airbus A320 / A321 (FS X + Prepar3D v2 Add-On) PC

Airbus A320 / A321 (FS X + Prepar3D v2 Add-On) PC
  • !! ENGLISH VERSION !! The Aerosoft Airbus products have always been highly focused on simulating the task of the Captain. The aircraft is nothing more than a `tool` for that, but to do a serious simulation of the task you need a seriously simulated aircraft. When it was launched the Airbus 320 was a sensation. Based on a completely new concept in automation and integration and partly made from composite materials it seemed like a futuristic prototype. But airlines quickly picked up on the advantages and cost savings and the pilots started to get used to fly-by-wire and the fact the aircraft only needed 21 (!) manual actions for a standard flight.
  • General: Simulation of the Airbus A320 and A321 focused on the day to day operation of the aircraft from the left seat *** Late model cockpit (with LCD and updated ADIRS) *** Sublime modeling/texturing based on the latest technologies. Very easy on frame-rates. *** All lights created with the best technology which actually lights objects up *** Dozens of non-standard animations, all with sound effects (sun screens, windows, tables, tiller, jump seat, standby compass, drooping flight surfaces etc). All main doors and cargo hatches can be opened. Extensive options to show ground objects (cones, ground power etc) and to actually provide ground power *** Included web server that allows you to access (and use) the MCDU via any web browser; ideal for tablet computers *** Many systems programmed in XML to allows users to change code *** Extensive manuals, with highly detailed step-by-step document, Checklist and procedures also available in eBook format *** Prepared for Airport Enhancement Services. Fully compatible with GSX. *** SDK will be available, LINDA connectivity available *** Add-in system that allows the aircraft to be extended with 3rd party applications (all using the right MCDU) *** Add-in View system: adds many pre-defined views for easy use, emulates 2D panel views *** Add-in Sound system: adds hundreds of background sounds to enhance the immersion *** Add-in Checklist system: semi-automated audio checklists *** Full custom fuel flow, avoiding standard FSX limitations. *** Full custom auto brakes with constant deceleration instead of constant brake pressure.
  • Systems: Fully custom Fly-by-Wire systems with flight envelope protection, stall protection, pitch and roll limiter, g-load limiter, over speed protection, Alpha Floor protection, auto trim. Very nice to manually fly ** Fully custom autopilot systems, with full Cat III auto land, V/S, Managed CLB/DES, OP CLB/DES, heading and NAV modes. VNAV and LNAV included. FPA/TRK included. ** Fully custom thrust computer systems (FADEC), throttle with detents, FLEX take-off ** Full featured MCDU (can be controlled via web browser, for example on tablet computers), also, information can be inserted using the keyboard! ** Flight plans supports SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches, go-arounds, holds, Managed climbs and descent, constraints, and direct-to route editing ** VOR tracking implemented, DME arcs supported ** Comes with NavDataPro (LIDO) navigation database (AIRAC 1409) but backwards compatible with Navigraph. Includes current AIRAC Data at the time of release and this can be updated by the user at any moment. ** Complete FS2Crew Runway Awareness and Advisory System included (a €30 value!) ** 14 ECAM pages included, showing relevant aircraft information. ** Full featured Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) with 25 hour storage capacity and external display program (data can be exchanged with FS Flight Keeper, and a visual display of your flight can be exported to view in Google Earth). ** Full features ADIR`s system. ** Full feature TCAS system (including audio warnings) for AI Traffic, IVAO, VATSIM. ** Full custom electrical bus system, with realistic battery run down and voltages. ** Navigation display with curved lines, de-cluttering, stopwatch, selected navaid, runway information, range change, mode change, stopwatch etc. Includes Terrain Display option ** Full featured loading and refueling module (interfaced with FSX) with advanced and simple mode.
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Es ist immer wieder zu empfehlen, sich ausgiebig vor jedem Kauf eines Produktes wie hier z.B. beim Kaufgesuch von aerosoft airbus, darüber zu informieren und vorallem die wichtigsten Eigenschaften und Features eines Produktes direkt miteinander zu vergleichen. In unserem direkten Vergleich haben wir Ihnen als Grundlage die Amazon-Bestseller-Liste von Amazon zur Verfügung gestellt, die sehr aufschlussreich ist über die Qualität des von Ihnen gesuchten Produktes wie aerosoft airbus ist. In unserem Top30 der Bestseller-liste aus Amazon werden sie auf jedenfall das passende Produkt finden. Somit helfen wir Ihnen also bei der Kaufentscheidung für aerosoft airbus.

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